Service life calculator  

Service life

Find the right ball bearing quickly and calculate the service life.

xiros® applications  

Only recommended for horizontal applications

Improving technology and cutting costs - Inspiration provided by real life applications

xiros® design and tests  

Design and tests

xiros® polymer ball bearing design, applications, development and tests.

xiros® polymer ball bearing online shop

xiros® plastic ball bearings improve technology – calculable and cost-effective

xiros® online shop  

xiros® polymer ball bearings are often a better alternative to ball bearings made of metal, because they are lighter and more affordable and at the same time have a long service life. Thanks to their lubricant-free and maintenance-free operation, they can be successfully used in numerous applications. In many non-standard solutions, metal ball bearings run up against their limits and are replaced by ball bearings made of plastic.

xiros® radial deep groove ball bearings  

xiros® radial deep groove ball bearings

xiros® polymer ball bearings are available in different materials, with good chemical resistance, long service life, for high temperatures and for high speeds...

xiros® axial bearings  

xiros® axial bearings

For absorbing axial forces The xirodur® B180 ball bearing material is extremely media-resistant yet, at the same time, cost effective Temperature resistant up to +80 °C

xiros® flange bearing  

xiros® flange bearing

Flange ball bearings and other designs with stainless steel balls were developed for maintenance-free use in conveyor belts, cam rollers and guide rollers.


Carrier and guide rollers

Aluminium or carbon tubes with maintenance-free and cost-effective flanged ball bearings from xirodur® B180.

xiros® combination with igubal®  

xiros® combination with igubal®

Combination of xiros® polymer ball bearings and igubal® housings for the maintenance-free use in conveyor belts, cam rollers and guide rollers.

Other designs  

Other designs

More lubrication-free and maintenance-free polymer ball bearings for many applications where conventional ball bearings made of metal are not effective.

News 2015  

News 2016

Lubrication-free xiros® ball bearings: new standard product line for profiled shafts, with labyrinth seal and much more...

xiros® 3D CAD  

xiros® 3D CAD

3D CAD data are available for download in a wide variety of formats.

xiros® material  

xiros® material

xiros® material - material data for igumid G, xirodur® B180, xirodur® A500, xirodur® C160 and xirodur® F180

xiros® contact  

xiros® experts

We would be happy to offer our support for any questions you have regarding the use of xiros® plastic ball bearings.

iglidur® plain bearings  

Ball bearings in operation

Roller conveyor and overhead monorail systems

Lubrication-free, quiet, calculable

Industry solutions  

Industry solutions

Customised introduction to our cables with suitable products for your branch of industry.

igus® products are available from 24h. The delivery time for energy chains is 24-48h. However, due to peak order levels, the delivery time for energy chains is temporarily 5 to 10 work days. We are working intensively to quickly remedy this situation.

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