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e-skin® soft cleanroom energy chains

With softer material, smaller installation height <200mm, flexible
filling and can be shortened as necessary
Typical application areas: cleanroom applications with small installation spaces, short travels, semiconductor production, LCD/LED panel production

Tech up

Tech up

  • 32% smaller clearance height compared to the e-skin
  • 135m installation space
  • Bend radii from 40mm up to 100mm
  • 6dB(A) quieter than usual "clean cable"

Cost down

Cost down

  • Fast assembly due to "zipper" opening function
  • No minimum order quantity
  • Cable-friendly with defined minimum bend radius
  • Simple maintenance and inspection of the cables inside





  • 99% material saving possible as, if there is a problem with a cable, only the cable in question has to be replaced and not the entire system
  • Have your energy chains processed as part of the igus "chainge recycling programme"  no matter which manufacturer they came from
  • igus supports the circular economy for plastics and is investing in  chemical recycling

NEW: e-skin soft series SKS20

Product range:

Part No.Inner heightOuter heightInner widthOuter widthBend radiusUnsupported 
SKS20.033.02.120 mm25 mm33 mm50 mm≥ 40mmupon request Request

e-skin soft, SKS28 series

Product range:

Part No.Inner heightOuter heightInner widthOuter widthInstallation heightPitch 
SKS28.068.02.128 mm40 mm68 mm95 mm<200mm7 mm Request

e-skin series SK28

Drawing e-skin SKS28
A = Moving end
B = Fixed end

Mounting brackets

Product range:

Full set without tiewrap plates
104926835462118 Request
Full set incl. tiewrap plates


e-skin mounting brackets
Drawing of e-skin mounting brackets

Interior separation

Available product range:

The interior separation system of the igus e-skin consists of individual separators and shelves, which can be inserted in the e-skin in a variety of way and attached to the ridges.


Part No. 
SK28.1.01 - Separator, slotted - unassembled Request
SK28.1.1.01 - Separator, slotted - assembled Request
110.63.1 - Full-width shelf - unassembled Request
111.63.1 - Full-width shelf - assembled Request


e-skin separators

Interior separation configurator for the e-skin

With the interior separation configurator for the e-skin corrugated tubes, you can create filling variants in just a few seconds and configure complete e-skin corrugated tubes with interior separation and mounting brackets.

  • Easy to fit
  • Avoidance of filling errors due to integrated filling guidance
  • Automatic creation of a parts list and drawing with dimensioning
  • Easy to submit an enquiry about and order the complete corrugated tube with chainflex cables and interior separations in the desired configuration.

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Technical details

Mounting brackets: strong, with integrated strain relief
Small installation space: small bend radii
Unsupported application due to stop-dogs on the upper shell of the e-skin
Cleanroom ISO Class 1: Virtually no wear or abrasion
Cable-friendly: defined minimum bend radius
Easy to assemble: Upper and lower shells can be opened for easy filling


Commercially available corrugated hose

igus e-skin

Bend radius of corrugated hoses

Corrugated hoses have the same bend radius along their entire length

Upper/lower shell of e-skin

The e-skin consists of two shells (upper/lower shell). The shells can be configured in order to define the nature of the movement involved

Inherent rigidity of corrugated hoses

Corrugated hoses have little or no inherent rigidity.

Short unsupported e-skin lengths

e-skin is suitable for short unsupported lengths in a small installation space (2) and has a defined bend radius (5)

Lateral application of force

Very little if any stability in respect of forces acting on the sides

Lateral stability of the e-skin

Lateral stability thanks to the oval (6) geometry of the e-skin


Corrugated hoses cannot be used unsupported

e-skin for short unsupported lengths

e-skin supports itself and can be used for short, unsupported lengths


Corrugated hoses for dynamic applications cannot be opened

Outer radius of e-skin

e-skin can be opened on its outer radius and filled quickly

Interior of e-skin

The interior of corrugated tubes cannot be divided into sections

Interior separation of e-skin

e-skin can be fitted with interior separation system

Tested in the igus test laboratory for use in the real world

Continuous test

Continuous test

Developed for cleanroom applications, the e-skin has been tested under real conditions with 6.4 million double strokes at 3m/s in the laboratory.

Bending test

Bending test

The standard bending tests show how flexible the e-skin soft is. It only bends, even under loads that would break other energy chains.

Noise level measurement

Noise level measurement

This test shows how quiet 'e-skin' corrugated tubes and 'e-skin flat' cleanroom cables are. Compared to flat ribbon cables of competitors, the noise level of the e-skin flat is only 29dB(A).

Suitable cables for cleanroom applications

  • 918 types with cleanroom classification IPA Class 1
  • 166 types with cleanroom classification IPA Class 2
  • With highly abrasion-resistant jacket materials
  • Tested and inspected with a 36 month guarantee

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