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Hennlich OOD | Хенлих ООД

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Alternative to cable drum

Slip rings can do many things, but the e-spool® system can do so much more: move energy, data, oils, signals, air and light in all directions, while remaining maintenance-free. The variable energy chain serves as an alternative to the cable drum and leads all media in one system. Due to its space-saving design, the e-chain® retracts into a compact unit, leaving the path free. Application areas for the e-spool® energy supply are mainly in theatre, lighting and stage technology.
Typical industries and applications: theatre and stage applications, (indoor) cranes, ship building...

Energy chain

e-spool® standard and HD


  • Travel length: ≤ 14m
  • Cable drum without slip ring
  • Routing many different cables in the smallest space possible
  • Standard and HD options 

e-spool® power


  • Travel length: ≤ 35m
  • The e-spool® power is a motor-driven e-spool® for travels of up to 35m. Product upon request.

e-spool® for manual operation


  • Travel length: ≤ 5m
  • The manually operated e-spool® is designed for applications where only one cable or hose is pulled out by hand