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Face Shields made and sponsored by igus®

We have addressed a central problem in the production of medical protective shields and, thanks to injection moulding, are now able to produce 2,000 face shield headbands daily. We donate the majority to non-profit and charitable institutions as well as educational institutions.

The current status of the campaign can be found here:

Face shield donation to institutions in Brazil

Protection for people in Brazil who offer education, food and hope

As a first step, our colleagues in Brazil donated around 400 of our face shields to various institutions. These are public schools, community centres that distribute food to homeless people and families in need, as well as aid centres for drug addicts. 

One of the recipients is, for example, the YMCA in the south of Brazil, which supports families with children who don't have daily care. This year, there was no Christmas party for the children due to the pandemic, says one of the volunteers. But thanks to the face shields, it was possible to meet briefly  in order to quickly distribute food and gifts to children in need in the region. 

We have made a start, and are preparing further donations.

Face shields donation to health centre in South Korea

Health centre in South Korea is given 1,000 face shields

Our colleagues in South Korea have donated 1,000 face shields to a a local public health centre. They primarily benefit those employees who work in corona test areas.
We are pleased that, with our initiative, we are able to support exactly those people who ensure the provision of health care with the work they do every single day.

Face shield donation to schools in Providence

43,000 Face Shields for schools in Providence

We continue with our fundraising campaign in the USA. First stop: the public schools of Providence, Rhode Island. The first shipment of 20,000 face shields went to Carnavale School, and in the meantime, our igus colleagues have delivered 43,000 pieces - and there are even more in the pipeline.

Providence Superintendent Harrisson Peters: "We are very grateful to our friends at igus for donating enough face shields to provide all our staff at the schools and many students with special needs."

"It feels really good to be able to do this", said Rick Abbate, Vice President of igus Inc. "We have been part of the Providence community for 35 years, and many of our colleagues have children enrolled in the public school system."


Further donations

Also the Cologne fire brigade, many judges as well as medical practices and also the Social Psychiatric Centre in Bonn protects its employees thanks to the donated face shields.
"Thank you for the kind donation of face shields. [...] With your donation, we are pleased to be able to make the protection arrangements a little friendlier when our faces are visible behind the face shields and thus better protect the health of our clients and participants."
Hilde Kölb
Social psychiatric centre/day care centre of Caritas Bonn


Face Shields for schools in the Rheinisch-Bergisch district

36,000 Face Shields donated for schools in the Rheinisch-Bergisch district

On Wednesday we handed over the first Face Shields at the primary school in Gronau. From the end of May, the finished face shields will be distributed free of charge to the students of the 20 primary schools and 12 secondary schools as well as the two vocational colleges in the district town.

All the schools in the other municipalities in the Rheinisch-Bergisch district - Burscheid, Odenthal, Wermelskirchen, Kürten, Leichlingen, Rösrath and Overath - will also receive these protective shields.

Face shields from Cologne

140,000 face shield kits for Cologne schools

When the children and adolescents in Cologne return to their schools, infection prevention is one of the most important issues. Face shields can be valuable in helping to protect yourself and others. Therefore we donated 140,000 face shield kits to the schools in Cologne. The face shields are distributed to the schools via the citizens' offices.
Photo: During a tour of the plant, Tom Krause (right), Additive Manufacturing Business Unit Manager and Dr. Thilo Schultes (left), Toolmaking Manager, Robert Voigtsberger (centre right), Councillor for Education, Youth and Sports of the City of Cologne, and Michael Gräbener (centre left), from the Office for School Development of the City of Cologne, gave an insight into the production of face shields.

Hand disinfection

The distribution in Cologne begins

The Katharina Honeth school was one of the first schools in Cologne to distribute the face shield kits to the pupils. The students praised the design and the comfort of the face shields. And the teachers now also feel better protected, in class or during the oral final examinations.

The assembly of the individual parts is very easy.

Download assembly instructions as PDF here

Field service with strict hygiene regulations

The idea

In order to protect doctors, nursing personnel and other people who work directly with patients, Prusa, a 3D printer manufacturer, has developed a face mask and placed the design on the Internet for downloading free of charge. The aim is to produce the face shields on as many 3D printers as possible. The project is already regarded as a success in that individual people, maker networks and companies all over the world are participating in the scheme and are working flat out to additively produce the face shields.
We participate in this worldwide co-operation and rely on the advantages of the injection moulding process. It is extremely easy to make a face shield: a 3D printed plastic strap holds a replaceable sheet of plastic film that shields the face. The face shield is not a substitute for a protective mask that covers the mouth; such a mask has to be worn additionally. However, the face shields do provide additional protection, especially for the eyes. They also guard against the natural instinct to touch one's face and thus come into close contact with the virus.  

The production

The problem with producing the face shields in 3D printing was time and cost: production of the headband as a central component in the 3D printer is comparatively expensive and takes more than two hours. "Only a few parts a day can be produced per 3D printer. That's why we rely on the advantages of another process, injection moulding", explains Tom Krause, head of the Additives Manufacturing Business Unit. The material used is recycled material. Dr. Thilo Schultes is Head of Toolmaking and explains: "With the right tool, the Cologne factory can produce and deliver more than 14,000 headbands per week. As a result, we are able to mass-produce the head bands quickly at considerably reduced costs." igus is manufacturing the tool at its own expense.

Video: How does the production work?

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