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What can iglidur® materials for high loads do?

The iglidur® materials for high load combine high wear resistance with the ability to withstand high (static) loads, shocks and edge loads. Within these properties they all have their own special strengths. High loads mean radial surface pressures from about 30 to well over 100 MPa (equivalent to 1,000 kg on a bushing of 10 x 10 mm).

iglidur® materials for high loads have the following specifications:

iglidur® Q2 - The durable heavy-duty bearing

  • Wear-resistant and dimensionally stable at high loads
  • Cost-effective
  • Lubrication and maintenance-free

iglidur® Q2 material and specifications

iglidur® Q - The peak of stability

  • For high loads - wear-resistant on many shafts
  • Excellent wear resistance, especially for extreme loads
  • Recommended for extreme PV values
  • Good coefficient of friction

iglidur® Q material and specifications

iglidur® Q290 – Heavy-duty on soft shafts

  • For medium to high loads, especially on soft shafts
  • Long life especially on soft shafts
  • Resistant to edge loads
  • Continuous use up to +140°C

iglidur® Q290 material and specifications

iglidur® TX1 - The heavy-duty bearing

  • For continuously very high static load up to 200 MPa
  • For highly loaded pivoting movements, dynamic up to 140 MPa
  • Good temperature and media-resistance 
  • High dimensional stability in the event of strong shocks and impacts

iglidur® TX1 material and specifications

igus products made of iglidur materials in the online shop

1) Max. long-term application temperature
2) Max. permissible surface pressure at+20°C
3) Best combination for p = 1 MPa, v = 0.3 m/s, rotating