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chainflex® cables work ... in moving applications all over the world!

Tech up, Cost down. It's our job.

chainflex cables from igus in medical equipment, in 3D printers or robots, large travel distances of up to 1,000 metres  – everything easy to calculate, order and harness. Fast deliveries from 24 hours and with the unique 36-month chainflex guarantee for the calculated service life. 
Our task is to continually develop innovations in the area of e-chains and cables. This enables us to help you to save costs and simultaneously improve the quality of your machines and systems, in a nutshell Tech up, Cost down. It's our job.
We at igus also accept responsibility for making a contribution to the reduction of plastic waste and the improvement of recycling: find out more about our investment in Mura Technology Limited's chemical recycling.

Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) - now also for e-chains

PUR bus cable with Single Pair Ethernet technology

Single Pair Ethernet

Tech up:

  • This enables continuous Ethernet communication, including the last metre from the control cabinet to the machine.
  • Cable 25% thinner than that of CAT5e at the same data transmission rate
Cost down:
  • Installation spaces can be 25% smaller than CFBUS.PUR.045
  • Costs are 20% lower than those of a four-paired CAT5e cable*

Renewal of DNV-GL approval

Cables in e-chains from the only supplier worldwide with DNV-GL approval

DNV-GL approval

Tech up:

  • Safety with defined materials for the maritime sector
  • Clear indication of durability in moving applications

Cost down:
  • Minimisation of the risk of failure

36-month chainflex® guarantee: UL verified

"The igus 36-month chainflex cable guarantee and service life calculator based on 2 billion test cycles per year“

UL verified

Tech up:

  • Qualified cables
  • Reliability from a neutral institution

Cost down:
  • Dependability for the tested cables

Bus cables with 300V UL approval

chainflex® bus cables available immediately in all qualities with 300V UL certification

300V UL

Tech up:

  • UL voltage of 30V increased to 300V
  • Laid directly next to cables with a higher voltage level possible
  • All common bus types (for example Ethernet, Profinet, Ethercat, etc.)
Cost down:
  • Separating elements between the cables in the e-chain® no longer necessary
  • Always find the most cost-effective bus cable that is guaranteed to work in e-chains®

DriveCliq cables now with 300V UL certification

The new chainflex® PUR measuring system cable CF113.028.D in accordance with DriveCliq-Standard has now also been approved for 300V UL.

Single Pair Ethernet

Tech up:

  • UL voltage of 30V increased to 300V
  • Laid directly next to cables with a higher voltage level possible
  • Extremely small bend radii and long travels
Cost down:
  • Additional separating elements between the cables in the e-chain® no longer necessary
  • Of seven cable qualities, always find the most cost-effective DriveCliq cable that is certain to work

High-end bus cable with 600V UL

With CFBUS, all Ethernet types such as Profinet can now be guided together with cables with a higher voltage

Bus cable

Tech up:

  • UL voltage of 300V doubled to 600V
  • Can be laid directly next to cables with the same voltage level
Cost down:
  • Additional separating elements between the cables in the e-chain® are no longer necessary, cost reduction of €2.10/m

chainflex® motor cables now with higher UL temperature approval for 90°C and 1000V

TPE motor cable with new insulation material for improved temperature stability with higher UL temperature


Tech up:

  • 12.5% improved temperature stability with higher UL temperature
  • 30% lower permittivity than motor cables with PVC insulation
Cost down:
  • Allows smaller installation spaces
  • 36-month guarantee

40 million double strokes guaranteed with CF298/CF299

Tested in the chainflex® laboratory: high-end data cables for small radii and 40 million double strokes.

Single Pair Ethernet

Tech up:

  • 100% more double strokes guaranteed
  • Bend radii 41% smaller than those of CF11
Cost down:
  • Guaranteed cable reliability in doubled e-chains® (from 20 million to 40 million cycles)
  • Reduce cost by up to €16.68/m * (since the cable lasts twice as long in application)

CFROBOT7: new robot cable for small drives

Targeted expansion of the product portfolio of robot motor cables with PUR outer jacket


Tech up:

  • Diameter reduction
  • The only technical possibility on the market
Cost down:
  • Oversizing no longer necessary
  • Reduce process costs with igus online tools

Save 20% installation space with new control cables from igus®

Absolutely cost-efficient control cables with up to 20% smaller outer diameter

CF8xx series

Tech up:

  • Greater current carrying capacity (+16% more) thanks to improved core insulation
  • New generation with up to 20% smaller outer diameter
  • Smallest bend radii up to 21%
Cost down:
  • Save 20% of installation space, allowing smaller e-chain® designs
  • Costs reduced by up to 50%* thanks to cross-section reduction potential

chainflex® servo cable: guaranteed cost-effective

Product portfolio addition to the CF887 cable series


Tech up:

  • 5 million double strokes in e-chains® guaranteed
  • Small cross-section for use in small installation spaces
Cost down:
  • Save 51% costs* compared to CF21
  • 36-month guarantee

chainflex® – welcome to the world!

Use one cable with the most important, worldwide approvals

chainflex – at home in the world.

Tech up:

  • One cable for all major markets
  • Gives confidence in the design process

Cost down:
  • No duplicated stock
  • No additional costs in respect of customs duty
  • Smooth passage through customs

chainflex® CASE - ship'n store by igus®

The new shipping drum for chainflex® goods sold by the metre

Shipping drum

Tech up:

  • The label with QR code for the product page makes re-ordering 60% faster.
  • Simple unreeling directly from the box
  • Simple storage – stack up to three cartons directly at the place of use
Cost down:
  • 84% more cost-effective shipment cost* with UPS standard
  • Delivery within 1-2 business days with UPS standard
  • No storage system or drum unreeler necessary

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* The comparison values (absolute or percentage) indicated here are based on German list prices and can vary internationally.


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