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Tank seat

manus® 2007

Many igus® products are located in this newly developed seating system for military vehicles. The challenge lay in the fact that the seat is mounted partially sideways to the driving direction and must be installed with a foldaway backrest structure. Thus the storage space behind the backrest can be quickly reached, and the backrest can be adjusted according to the upper body length. The backrest adjustment is implemented with drylin® products, the head rests are kept in the backrest with plastic plain bearings made of iglidur® G.

The shafts also support the stiffness of the backrest at the same time, which at the moment is of special importance to the vehicle safety. Thus the vehicles furnished with this tank seat is suitable for both road traffic and rugged field use to a high degree.

Martin Hagenloche, König Komfort- und
Rennsitze GmbH, Ilsefeld

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