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Safe load transport with electrostatically conductive ball transfer unit

Our xiros polymer ball transfer units made of xirodur F182 are not only ideal for conveyor transfer tables but also for transport sensitive goods and goods with sharp edges from A to B without any problems. The high-performance plastic used for the housing has special technical specifications that make it not only especially abrasion-resistant and durable but also electrostatically conductive. Uncontrolled discharging is an issue of the past for transport goods and customers. Loads of up to 300 N can be moved smoothly in all directions. In addition, the polymer ball transfer unit can be used in any installation position, vertical, horizontal and overhead.
Application areas:  semiconductor industry, electrical industry, electronic material handling

Electrostatically conductive xiros® polymer ball transfer unit
Tech up

Tech up

  • Electrostatically dissipative
  • Overhead installation possible
  • Corrosion-resistant

cost down

Cost down

  • Up to 29 % more cost-effective than its equivalent made of metal



Short news presentation

igus confirms electrostatic conductivity

In the 3,800m2 test laboratory, the new polymer ball transfer unit was tested with regard to its electrostatic conductivity. For this purpose, it was compared to the ball transfer unit made of the high-performance plastic xirodur B180. The result of the lab test showed that the ball transfer unit made of xirodur B180 with a surface resistance of 1012Ω already has an insulating effect, whereas the ball transfer unit with a housing made of xirodur F182 achieves a surface resistance of less than 105Ω.
According to DIN EN 61340-5-1, this means that it must be assigned to the conductive category. Customers can therefore be certain: there is no chance of voltage flashover to transport goods or employees.

Electrostatically conductive polymer ball transfer units from igus®


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