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chainflex® control cable CF160.UL

  • Requirements: For medium duty applications
  • Outer jacket: PVC
  • Overall shield
  • Flame retardant
  • Silicone-free
  • Oil resistance: Oil-resistant according to DIN EN 50363-4-1
  • CFRIP®
  • chainflex® class:
Product description
chainflex® control cable CF160.UL
Typical application areas
For extreme heavy-duty use
Almost unrestricted oil resistance, even with organic oils
Indoor and outdoor applications, UV-resistant
Especially for unsupported and gliding travels up to 400m or more
Storage and retrieval units, machining/tooling machines, fast handling, cleanrooms, semiconductor assembly, ship to shore, outdoor cranes, freezing temperature application
Guaranteed service life for this series according to guarantee conditions
Further information: chainflex® guarantee
Double strokes*     5 million     7.5 million     10 million
Temperature,    R min.    R min.    R min.
from/to [°C]    [Factorxd]    [Factorxd]    [Factorxd]
-35/-25    6.8    7.5    8.5
-25/+90    5    6    7
+90/+100    6.8    7.5    8.5
* Higher number of double strokes possible - use the service life calculation function on this page.
Certificates and standards
UV resistance
High Flame retardant
According to IEC 60332-1-2, CEI 20-35, VW-1, FT-1 Silicone-free
Free from silicon which can affect paint adhesion (according to PV 3.10.7 – status 1992). UL/CSA AWM
see data sheet for details NFPA
Following NFPA 79-2012 chapter 12.9 CTP
Certified to no. C-DE.PB49.B.00416 Lead free
Following 2011/65/EU (RoHS-II) CEI
Following CEI 20-35 CE
Following 2014/35/EU
Technical data


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