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i.Cee LIVE Dashboard with all predictive maintenance features

Predictive maintenance - what exactly is that?

You can read and hear a lot about predictive maintenance. However, at the end the question often remains: "And what does it look like now?" 
This is precisely where we would like to start with the i.Cee Dashboard below. It visualises all information and movement data of our smart trade show machine online and in real time at the igus virtual-real trade show stand in Cologne. 

It shows every motion of this e-chain in real time (a video clip is recorded).

i.Cee LIVE Dashboard

(Should the integrated dashboard take too long to load, you can call it up here directly.)

More information:

i.Cee FAQs

  • How is the initial service life determined?
  • When do I as a user receive an active push notification? 

We discuss this and several other questions about the i.Cee Dashboard in detail in our smart plastics blog.

i.Cee Hardware

Which sensors, modules or other hardware do I need in my system to provide such a dashboard with sufficient information?
You can find all information regarding the necessary i.Cee hardware for first predictive maintenance applications here.

i.Sense condition monitoring

Would you like to begin with condition monitoring only as a first step? 
Then you can find all necessary information, products and several demo videos here.


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