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Fully automated cartoners perform various functions, from feeding to closing of the cartons filled with the products. The requirements for all components of these multi-talented devices are mostly complete freedom from the need for lubrication or maintenance, the lowest possible weight as well as precise and reliable motion sequences.

Used products and application examples

With reference to the packaging machine of Neubauplan Automation Machines as an example, the usual stations of a cartoner are shown below and the igus products used here are assigned accordingly. For various format adjustments, the manufacturer sometimes uses drylin bearing technology as well as lead screw linear systems, but also pillow block and plain bearings.

1. Carton feed

2. Product inserter

3. Lifting system for cartons

4. Format adjustments carton stop

Cartoner Neubauplan This packaging machine is a real all-rounder. It folds the cartons, loads them with up to 500 consumer goods such as soap, biscuits or toothpaste per minute and transports them to the dispatch station.

Carton feed

1. Carton feed

To ensure feeding in the system, drylin W profile guides and housing bearings were used to guarantee reliable operation.

Product inserter

2. Product inserter

A drylin W profile guide is used in the thrust device in combination with a pair of the associated drylin W housing bearings and a pair of adjustable housing bearings.

Lifting system

3. Lifting system for cartons

The handling system for lifting the cartons was implemented with a vertical sliding guide with two drylin W rails and only four drylin W housing bearings.

Format adjustment

4. Format adjustment Carton stop

Lubrication-free drylin SLW linear modules are suitable for the numerous format adjustments. The carriage moves on drylin liners with incorporated lubrication.

Application examples of our customers

Innovative packaging machine

In this innovative packaging machine, drylin linear bearings enable the numerous format adjustments.

Cartoner / Blister packaging

In this cartoner for blister packaging in the pharmaceutical industry, igus bearing technology is used at various stations.

Cartoner for blisters

For this cartoner, a storage solution was sought that would contribute to a reduction in weight, ensure uniform movement and meet the hygiene requirements.


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