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dry-tech® bearing technology

Hennlich OOD | Хенлих ООД

+359 32 511326

e-spool® for theatre and stage use

e-spool® according to DIN EN 17206 and DGUV Principle 315-390

Safely guide many different cables in a confined space with e-spool. e-spool uniquely combines two different energy supply systems: A tension-optimised energy chain, for safe operation in theatre and stage use, is guided by a roller and ensures exactly the right length and tension of the energy supply system at all times thanks to an integrated retaining spring.

In the home position, the energy chain is completely rolled to save space. The twisterband connects the roller with the shaft end block, serving as an interface to the supply side cables.

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Tech up

Tech up

  • Different media types and sizes safely and reliably guided in one system
  • No slip ring necessary
  • Layout can also be changed or expanded after assembly

Cost down

Cost down

  • No slip ring, low maintenance
  • Price reduced by up to 50% compared to previous e-spool® solutions



  • Test in the igus laboratory
  • Individually projected applications



  • Individual engineering and tests are no longer necessary
  • Optimised manufacturing process through standardised parts

Reliable energy supply thanks to intelligent sensor monitoring systems

The e-spool now comes with various sensor monitoring: the spring force of the three springs included is monitored with the help of a load cell sensor. If the force falls below the specified value, the user is prompted to replace the spring. When the​ specified value is exceeded, there is a blockage that must be removed.

The rotation sensor monitoring, which counts the drum rotations and determines the position of the chain and more.

Other e-spool systems

Discover more e-spool systems - the alternative to the cable drum without slip ring. Safely guide many different cables in a confined space with e-spool. e-spool uniquely links two different energy supplies.

e-spool implemented in practice

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