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Solutions for the
offshore, oil and gas industry

energy chain systems and plain bearings from igus are already in use in many offshore applications and have proved effective in withstanding the toughest environmental conditions. In wind power plants, on drilling vessels or on oil rigs, they ensure a reliable supply of energy. Whether in highly dynamic pipe handling applications or for the rig-skidding energy supply, igus energy chains offer a safe, light and maintenance-free solution.
Thanks to our engineering team and DNV/GL and NEK-certified chainflex cables, ready-to-connect complete systems can be offered that are tailored to meet the needs of the offshore, oil and gas industry.
For this reason, the largest companies in the oil, gas and offshore industry worldwide put their trust in us.

New from April 2020

Modular e-loop energy chain system

In order to safely and reliably guide cables in hanging applications, igus has developed thee-loop as an alternative to the service loop - ideal for three-dimensional applications.
The e-loop combines the advantages of a plastic energy chain with those of a high-strength pull rope that is incorporates. Inside the chain, the pull rope transfers the pull force to the mounting brackets and the structure. As a result, the cables are kept completely free of strain.
The modular e-chain made of high-performance polymer always enables a defined bend radius and easily copes with vibrations and impacts.

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Cables in e-chains from the only supplier worldwide with DNV-GL approval

 ▲ Tech up

  • Safety with defined materials for the maritime sector
  • Clear indication of durability in moving applications
▼ Cost down
  • Minimisation of the risk of failure
  • 36-month guarantee & free price check

More information about DNV-GL approval

Harnessed e-chains and cables designed especially for harsh environments

 ▲ Tech up

  • Robust and corrosion-free: e-chains for harsh environments
  • Application-optimised and ready to install
▼ Cost down
  • Save 68% assembly time
  • Save 89% procurement time 

More information about heavy-duty harnessing

igus motion plastics for the offshore, oil and gas industry ...

... safe, light, saltwater-resistant and maintenance-free

Use of igus energy chains in a drilling rig

The advantages of igus e-chains:

Suitable for offshore applications and heavy loads

Weight-saving of up to 70% compared with steel chains

Cable and hose-friendly due to plastic interior separation system, no cable or hose damage

100% corrosion-free

Modular and adaptable to the application

Easy assembly and maintenance

Cost-effective and economical solutions


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Applications for the offshore, oil and gas industries

Offshore Cantilever Skids

Jackup Rigs and Offshore Equipment, Cantilever and Drill Floor Skids

Tried and tested offshore - weight-saving and low-cost heavy-duty energy chain systems

Offshore Cranes

Offshore cranes

Angle of rotation up to 900° - Universal filling of hydraulic hoses, motor cables and fibre glass cables

Top drive systems

Land Drilling Rigs, Top Drive Systems and Pipe Handling

Reduce maintenance - cable-
friendly and complete
ready-to-connect readychain® systems

Pipe Handling Equipment

Drilling vessels and semi-submersibles, pipe handling equipment

Reduce downtime - traverse long distances reliably with high fill weights

Retractable Thruster

Dynamic positioning, extendable drives

Plug & play - ready-to-connect readychain® systems from a single source

Pipe Laying Euqipment

Pipe layers, tensioners, handling and welding equipment

Weight-saving - Corrosion-
resistant energy chains and chainflex® cables tried and tested for offshore applications


Floating Production, Storage & Offloading (FPSO)

Customised - Tailor-made complete systems for long travels and rotary movements

Very suitable products for the offshore industry

Energy supply systems for high loads in harsh environments

Offshore energy chains

e-chains® designed to guide and protect.

chainflex® cables with DNV/GL and NEK certificate

Offshore chainflex® cables

Especially for use in energy chains

Lubrication-free dry-tech® solutions for the offshore industry

Offshore iglidur® bearings

Improve technology - lubrication-free

Turnkey energy chain systems for rotating movements

Offshore rotation system

Safe circular movement with RBR systems

The special advantages of igus® maintenance-free polymer products for the offshore industry are:

Corrosion-free, UV-resistant, resistant to salt water

Light and high strength

Maintenance-free and long service life

Resistant to dirt and sludge, chemicals, extreme temperatures

Easy to install

Flexible, modular design

ATEX-suitable ESD solution available

Sludge-resistant cables according to NEK606

DNV-GL and NEK certification for many chainflex® cables

Engineering projects & custom solutions

Engineering projects

igus® engineering service

We offer tailored solutions for challenging applications worldwide.

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