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Color hose guide in plastic energy chain

A pipe coating machine of the Mannesmann Röhrenwerke GmbH had problems with a metal chain in which paint hoses were laid. This metal chain had to be replaced about every 9 months, because it was a modest design for an unsupported application with roller support.

The requirements on igus® were: a plastic chain that would definitely last longer in the long travel (22 meter travel, speed =1m/s)

After erection of the trough substructure, trough and the mounting of the igus® e-chain®, the facility has been in smooth operation for 15 months. Moreover supporting rollers are no longer necessary, which too had to be replaced from time to time.

Pipe coating machine Metal chain had to be replaced every 9 months.
Pipe coating machine

The appropriate strain relief could also prevent the slipping of the hoses in the chain with loop formation.

"Since igus® plastic energy chains have been in use, the facility runs without any problem. There no more stoppage times through the chain, and my cost center is remarkably charged less. "
Johannes Harbord, Mannesmann Röhrenwerke GmbH

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