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Hennlich OOD | Хенлих ООД

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The non-profit association ‘mäqädat’ – Bildung ohne Grenzen e.V. (Education without limits) is developing an automatic book scanner for the use in Universities in Ethiopia and other Africa countries. Until today, there are only a few examples of the individual textbooks available in the libraries onsite – they are copied by hand. This comes with many disadvantages: High temporal expenditure, mistakes during copying, no colour copies, and that the copy paper needs to be imported. Commercial automatic book scanners cost about 50,000.00 € and are thus unavailable for many African institutions. A group of engineers from different specializations works voluntarily on the development of an automatic book scanner, which can be recreated relatively simply for material costs of about 600 €. A prototype has already been presented at different trade shows. The whole development is performed as an Open Source project. The following products from the igus® product range are installed: Sliding film iglidur® Tribo-Tape, iglidur® slide rail as well as parts from the drylin® and igubal® series

Automatic book scanners

mäqädat - Bildung ohne Grenzen e.V., Karsten Fuhst, Giesen, Germany

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