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robolink® low cost robot as complete system or individual solution

robolink from igus offers you two ways of benefiting from the advantages of  Low Cost Automation:
1. Assemble your own individual solution.
2. Choose one of our pre-configured robolink articulated arms, delta robots or drylin linear robots.
Advantages of the modular low cost robots

  • Modular approach
  • Low cost
  • High flexibility: wide choice of end effectors
  • Lightweight construction
  • Precision ≤ 1mm
  • 2-5 degrees of freedom (DOF)
  • Return on Investment (ROI) after 4 to 7 months (depending on design and integration level)
  • Maintenance-free, no lubrication necessary
  • Free CAD downloads
  • robolink design and simulate online
  • With or without motors
  • With or without control system


The modular system principle: robots can be ordered as complete modules or individually.


Buy ready-to-use complete robot systems

With or without integrated control system and software
robolink® DP  
The flexible robolink® articulated arm robot

The robolink articulated arm robot is especially used for flexible pick and place applications with a working area up to 5 degrees of freedom.  
Robot with internal control system » robolink DCi
New with higher range and precision » robolink DP

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drylin® delta robots  
The fast drylin® delta robot

The drylin DLE-DR delta robot with a pick rate of up to 60/min is suitable for fast pick and place or handling applications. E.g. for sorting products from conveyor belts or for use in assembly processes.

More information on delta robots

drylin linear robot  
The modular drylin® linear robot

The drylin linear robot consists of several interconnected linear drive systems and can be used for almost all load ranges.  It also achieves a working volume of several metres for each dimension. Typical applications are pick and place, sorting, labelling and many more.

Cost-effective industrial robots that you can easily assemble yourself

robolink shop  
Modular robot parts and components

In our Low Cost Automation shop you will find finished robot arms with or without encoder and integrated control systems. For your individual robot you can choose your appropriate robot component from long-lasting gearboxes, rotary axes and motors.

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robolink Designer  
robolink® Designer: for configuring and ordering individual robots

Configure your robolink® articulated arm robot according to your requirements and simulate movement sequences. A finished robolink® robot including parts list is just a few clicks away.

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Apiro starter kit  
New: drygear® Apiro modular gearbox system

Various applications can be implemented in an extremely modular and cost-effective way with the Apiro modular system. E.g. lane adjustments, pusher tasks, gearboxes with different gear ratios, slewing rings and rotary axes. Test the modular gearboxes with our Apiro starter kit.

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igus® Robot Control software

Intuitive robot programming, simulation and control system

Make your automation solution ready for use with igus® Robot Control. Due to the modular design, different robot kinematics can be controlled, for example, delta robots, linear robots and multi-axis joint robots.
You can now download and test the software for free.  

More information about the software

Simply combine robot components on

The low cost robotics marketplace from igus®

  • Benefit from a fast ROI thanks to low-cost components from leading manufacturers.
  • Guaranteed compatibility of the selected components.
  • Order without risk thanks to unique 30-day return guarantee

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Improve processes & save costs with Low Cost Automation

Individual automation solutions: modular, cost-effective, safe

Low Cost Automation offers you the ideal opportunity to benefit from a wide range of applications and significant cost advantages.
Our promise of success: lightweight components based on many years of experience with high-performance polymers, as well as daily research and development for product optimisation in our in-house robolink test laboratory.  
igus offers you the possibility to assemble your individual automation solution as flexibly as possible:

  • With a variety of modular robot components
  • Simulation of your application
  • Intuitive robot control and software tailored to your product.
Or buy your finished complete system - cost-effective and ready for immediate use!

In order to automate monotonous sorting work, MATRIUM GmbH combined its own components with individual robolink components in order to configure a customised solution for the shown sorting process.


In order to remove mobile phone half-shells from a hazardous area of a machine with coolant spraying water, a robolink articulated arm is used by a machine tool manufacturer.


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