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smart plastics in the sewage treatment plant | igus


Sewage treatment plants run 24/7, 365 days a year. The use of a basic flizz system is very suitable for most rectangular clarifiers. The advantage of the system is the modular design and the protection of the energy supply system against wind and weather. 
The flizz system can be installed either directly on the tank wall or on the floor along the tank.
Additional protection is provided by the smart plastics EC. P system (EC = e-chain P = pull force).      

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Sewage plant

The challenge

As the plants run around the clock and part of the time without any human presence, faults  sometimes remain undetected for hours. 
Although the plant runs at a very slow speed, in the event of a breakdown it can even lead to total breakdown. This total breakdown of the energy supply system leads to significantly higher costs than a standstill over several hours, where the system can be put back into operation after a short maintenance period.   


In this case the solution is the EC. P sensor. This sensor continuously measures the force which the plant requires to move the energy supply system. 
If these forces change due to external influences such as ice, an animal or a tool forgotten during maintenance, the sensor detects this change and switches off the system. 
This prevents expensive consequential damage to the energy supply system.   

Crash in a sewage treatment plant
EC.P protects