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dry-tech® bearing technology

Hennlich OOD | Хенлих ООД

+359 32 511326

e-spool® power

Lengths up to 25 m & more - with motor

Motor-driven e-spool® for high extension lengths up to 25 m (50 m in development)

Outdoor use also possible at temperatures below 0°C

Long service life thanks to retraction system and motor

Longer travels can be implemented with a motor rather than with a "conventional" e-spool® spring

Cable diameter up to 17 mm

No tensile load on cables

No slip ring

e-spool power

Different media (power, data, FOC, air, liquids) can be routed together in one system

Delivery including drive and controller

For installation under the ceiling - the system is "invisible"

Easy replacement and extension of the filling

Max. deployment and retract speed: 1,2 m/s

Typical applications: Theatre and stage applications, (indoor) cranes, maritime, ship building

Pilot product*

up to 50 m (standard 25 m) extraction length
*This product is in the launch phase of a series production (pilot series). We'd be glad to accept your ideas from all industries - from wood machinery, machine tools up to cleanroom applications, please contact us.

Delivery program:

Part No. drum-Ø max. extraction length [mm] max.cable-Ø [mm]
SPP1.1200.25000.01.R.0 1200 25000 17 Upon request Add to shopping cart
SPP1.1200.25000.01.L.0 1200 25000 17 Upon request Add to shopping cart
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