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Very lightweight, highly stable
and providing a long service life

Energy chains directly from the manufacturer's stock within 24hrs

Increase service life of cables and hoses and reduce downtimes

e-chains® and e-chain systems® are the umbilical cord of modern machines. They ensure the supply of energy, data and signals while in constant motion. igus® has been developing, producing and testing plastic energy chains since 1971. The expertise we have accumulated over the years is being continuously refined with the help of our customers and is directly incorporated in our serial production.

installation spaces

E2 micro  

Inner heights: 5 – 32mm


E2.1, E2/000  

Inner heights: 21 – 48mm



Inner heights: 21 – 350mm

All energy chains
& accessories

Special energy chain solutions  

Further families of energy chains

Energy Supply Assistant

Energy Supply Assistant  

Configure complete energy supply systems for short or long travels as well as for hanging applications. Simply select required cables to generate interior separation for your application, enter the specific and ambient parameters of your application, and the energy supply expert tool will propose suitable solutions for your energy supply system.

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Energy chain solutions for all requirements

ESD energy chains  

Avoidance of static charges during the manufacturing process for electronic assemblies.

FDA-compliant energy chain  

Hygienic design principles –  with absolutely no friction – no material rubbing against material.

Quiet energy chains  
Extremely quiet

Quiet, low-abrasion, vibration-free energy chains.

Traversing energy chain  
Long travels

Long travels
and extremely high traversing speed with rol e-chains®.

Modular energy chain  
Circular movements up to 7000°

Specifically for robot applications.

Special applications  
Overview of requirements

All energy chains for special applications.

3D CAD portal  
3D CAD portal

Design energy chains faster and easier. With file formats for a wide variety of systems.  

Moving energy made easy

Today, millions of igus® e-chains® are in use in customer applications around the world – from beverage dispensers to steelworks. They have a modular design and are therefore easy to assemble. Not only resistant to various media and designed for very small bend radii, e-chains® are ideal for confined installation spaces as well as large, heavy and rigid cables and hoses.


What are the benefits provided by energy chains from igus®?

  • Gentle on the cables
  • Modular, lightweight and quiet
  • Energy, data FOCs, oil and air guided in one system
  • Configurable online
  • Predictable service life
  • Little, easy-to-perform maintenance required, easy to install
  • Large catalogue of standard items

Assembled to your exact requirements

Our ready-to-connect harnessed energy chains reduce the number of purchasing options, parts list items, number of contact persons and the amount of installation effort to the absolute minimum. This avoids unnecessary storage space and waste of resources. They create optimal interfaces and increase your competitive advantage. They optimise your supply chain for energy chains, cables, connectors, hoses, hydraulics, pneumatics, steel parts, sensors, PLC, bearings, linear guides and other machine components.  


Plug 'n' Play energy supply assemblies

  • Logistics effort kept to a minimum
  • One system, one part number
  • 95% less harnessing time
  • Reduce assembly time
  • Less machine downtime
  • On-site installation – international service with 35 branches
  • Special designs are possible – igus® is developing further components

Selected application examples

Energy chains from igus® can be adapted to individual requirements and can therefore be used for a large number of different applications.

Automatic medicine handling

20,000 movements each day and still fit

"For economic and technical reasons we have chosen to use exclusively standard products from igus®. In this way, the necessary changes can be simply made when systems are expanded, for example."
Gregor Malajka and Dirk Beils, Mach4

Engine factory

smart plastics in use

A finished engine every 14 seconds. This only works with a great degree of automation. Our smart plastics help to make it possible to monitor the plant in Austria.

Riveting aircraft fuselages

e-chains® in complex movements

Here, two robots were equipped with a wide range of guided cables and hoses involving complex geometric design. The dust generated here can be directly sucked away.

Brown coal excavator – conveyor unit

e-chains® of 615 metres in length

As long as six soccer pitches: the longest e-chain® from igus® anywhere in the world has already been in use here for ten years now, without any failure. With a PPDS early warning system for any faults that may occur.

More information on energy chains

Designing together with us  
Designing with igus®

Find out more about specifications, application areas and assembly.

e-chain® test laboratory  

Every year, 3,000 e-chain® tests are carried out on 180 rigs, enabling the products to withstand the toughest conditions.  

High helix thread sample  
Online tools

Overview of all online tools for energy chains.

e-chain® catalogue

The e-chain® catalogue can be downloaded directly online!